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IMG_1542-resizeOriginally from Pittsburgh, PA, Eric Bee moved to Austin in 2011 to focus more seriously on his music. By that point, Eric had already self-released six solo albums, and two albums with the band he led known as Elephant Bones, which had a prominent following on the rust belt (rust belt = PA, OH, IL, MI, etc.). He had also provided backing vocals and support for multiple other recording artists.

Upon moving to Austin, he quickly met local musicians and started a twelve-piece funk band called Whitey on the Moon. Whitey survived for eight fun-filled months of cover songs before Eric decided he wanted to integrate more original songs into the mix. Eric took a quick stint in California. He returned with new songs, a new vision, and reached out to former Whitey members to create a new band: The Eric Bee.

At first they thought he was crazy, but a few practices in, they were on board with his vision. Friendships got Eric connected to Public Hi-Fi Studios, and after only two days of rehearsals, he and his bandmates spent two full days in the studio laying down new tracks. It was exhausting. Magic happened.

The end result is the newest release, self-titled, “The Eric Bee.”

The band continues to grow, evolve, and transform, and can be found performing around Austin and surrounding areas.

New music and songs are always flowing, usually in the forms of random post-it notes and backsides of envelopes, so we are constantly working toward the next big step. We hope you like what you hear, and we hope to see your faces in the audience at future shows.

Read some kind words others have said about our music. 

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